Zuluk or Dzuluk is a small hamlet in east Sikkim. It is at a height of 9400ft (2900 m). Because of its offbeat location, most people don’t know about this place but now it is an emerging travel destination. A small village with a handful number of house people loves to stay in Zuluk, mainly because of the view and the ambiance of the place. This village is on the way towards the Old Silk route. Chinese traders used to come to India for selling silk products and Zuluk was the transit point. For this reason, this route is called the Silk route.

Places to visit in Zuluk –

Thambi View Point –

thambi view point
Thambi View point

Thambi viewpoint is a roadside Spot 14 km away from Zuluk at a height of 11200 ft. From this spot, you can see Worlds 3rd largest mountain Kangchenjunga. This spot is one of the best places in Zuluk for clicking pictures. From this spot, one can also see the famous Zigzag road of Silk Route.

Tukla valley –

Tukla valley
Tukla valley

Tukla Valley is around 12500ft above sea level. Tukla Valley in Sikkim offers a majestic panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjungha and the allied peaks. other than the great view of the Himalayas Tukla also has a war memorial of the British soldiers who fell at the battle of Tukla. The temperature in Tukla valley is very low during winters, from oct onwards it’s started snowing in tukla.

Nathang valley –

Nathang valley
Nathan valey

Nathang Valley

Nathang valley is one of the most beautiful places on the Silk route and it is also the best place where you can pictures. Nathan valley looks totally different at different times of the year. Nathang valley is situated at 13000 ft. and if you visit nathang valley just before winter then you could get a chance to the best view when the entire valley is totally white and red flowers beside the road looks amazing.

Old Baba Mandir –

Ola Baba Mandir

Old baba mandir is a very famous spot in Zuluk route, one should not miss this place to visit. actually, there is two baba mandir in the Zuluk route. the old temple is on a higher altitude, and it is the main temple of Baba Harbhajan Singh. It is believed that after his death his soul continues to do his duty as a soldier, they believe that if any army personal not maintaining clean and maintaining a clean and disciplined attire is punished with a slap by┬áBaba himself. From outside the temple, one can see the Chinese watchtowers as the Chinese border is very close to the temple. This is a “Must to visit” place in the Zuluk route.

Nathula Pass –

Nathula pass is the prime place on the Zuluk route. Nathula pass is one of the three open trading points between India and China. Nathula pass is also one of the most guarded places in that region as the army of two-nation meets at that point. Only a citizen of India can visit that place but with proper permits. It is open for visitors from Wednesday to Sunday, so plan your journey according to it. It takes around a day to get your permits ready and it cost around Rs 200 per head. Photography is strictly banned in Nathula Pass. One should not miss this place.

Tsomgo Lake or Changu lake –

Tsomgo Lake or Changu lake

Tsomgo lake popularly known as Changu lake is a glacier lake in the east Sikkim district, the lake remain frozen during the winter season, The lake surface reflects different colours with change of seasons. There is also a ropeway service beside the lake it takes you to a very beautiful viewpoint. It is also the Asia’s top highest ropeway service at a height of 14,500 ft. Also you can find many yaks in that place you can take pictures and ride with them in just Rs 50.

Kupup –

Kupup– worlds highest golf course

Kupup is one of the most important parts of the old silk route. Kupup is the highest village in this region and was a well-known transit point during the Silk trade between India and Tibet. Don’t forget to visit the market of Kupup, you can get make exciting pieces of stuff in the market. Other than the view Kupup also has an ice hockey field and the world’s highest golf course at an altitude of 13,025 ft.

Other sightseen –

Other than these places there are some more places which you will see during the Zuluk route-

Elephant lake

War Memorial

Nathula road

Best time to visit Zuluk –

The best time to visit Zuluk is during just before snowfall and just after a winter season that is October and April, in these 2 months you will get a clear road which is the best conditions for traveling and you will also get snow at some places which is the mandatory thing for a mountain area, visiting mountains without snow is not worth.

Permits –

Permit of Nathula pass will cost around Rs 200 per head. The local agent will arrange it for you, you just need two photocopies of your id and two photographs, it takes around one whole day to get your permits.

Accommodation in Zuluk –

In Zuluk, hotels are very less only you can find is Homestay that too very rare. So book your homestay in advance and at least 1 month before. Homestay in Zuluk is better than the hotels because in a homestay you will get to experience the food and the culture of the locals of that place.

  1. Mukhia Home Stay Zuluk – 098300 27451.
  2. Snow Lion Resort – 081018 27279.
  3. Zuluk Sojourn Homestay – 099032 95920.
  4. Dil Maya homestay – 089002 21231.
  5. Luzang La Homestay – 098305 13208.
  6. Dilmaya Resort – 098301 07780.

Distance –

  1. Siliguri to Zuluk – 129 km via NH10 (5.20 min by Car )
  2. Kalimpong to Zuluk – 90 km Via NH10 (4 hr by car)
  3. Darjeeling to Zuluk – 111 km via Rishi rd (4.50 min by Car)
  4. Gangtok to Zuluk – 96 km via JN rd (3.40 min by Car)

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