Sky Diving In India.

Adventure sports are getting popular in India day by day and sky diving is one of the best Adventure sports you can do it in India. Sky diving is an activity where you will be jumping from a high altitude with a parachute, but there are three types of skydives.

  1. Static Line Jump – The Static jump is a solo Jump from the plane but there is no Free falling in this type The parachute will be attached with a static line in the aircraft while you jump the parachute will deploy and you will float in the sky and will come down slowly.
  2. Tandem Sky Diving – This is a kind of dive where you will be attached to a professional instructor who will control everything, you will just enjoy the view in the sky. For first-timers, this is the best way for diving.
  3. Accelerated Free Fall– In this kind of diving you will be trained by the instructors and you will be given all the equipment and then while the jump from the plane there will be no one with you, you will jump solo. This requires a lot of training.

1. Sky High – Aligarh – Uttar Pradesh –

Sky diving in Mysore
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Sky High in Aligarh is the only sky diving company in India that has a foreign affiliation from the United States Parachute Association (USPA) after a successful dive Sky High Provides you a completion certificate. If you want to shoot the Jump then Sky High also provides you that facility, without a camera it will cost you Rs 23,500 and with the camera, it will you Rs 27,500. This activity required decent medical fitness and you have to provide your medical fitness certificate, and after submitting your medical certificate and completion of all the legal procedures you will be allowed for the training.

Height – 2743 – 3048 m (9000 – 10000 ft).

Price – 

  1. Tandem Jump – Without camera recording – Rs 23,500.
  2. Tandem Jump – With Camera recording – Rs 27,500. 
  3. A Jump to Remember – Rs 31,625.

Timing – 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM.


2. Thrills Extreme – Aamby Valley – Maharashtra –

Tandem Sky diving
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Another place famous for Tandem Jumps is Thrills Extreme in Aamby Valley, this place not only provides you Tandem Jumps But they have a membership which will allow you to Experience the Tandem all year Long, so if you love Sky Diving and you stay close to Aamby Valley you can take the Membership. The on air time is around 30 sec while free falling and approximately 45 min with the parachute. You will be trained by the professionals for an hour before going for the actual skydive.

Height – 2743m (9000 ft).

Price of the Tandem – 

  1. Monday to Thursday – Rs  20,000.
  2. Friday to Sunday – Rs 25,000.
Avoid rainy seasons. Sky diving in heavy rain may get risky.

3. Sky Riders – Mysore – Karnataka –

Sky diving

It is one of the most famous spots for Sky diving in India, it is located in the base of Chamundi hill on the east of Mysore. In Mysore, you will get many types of Diving opportunities like

  1. Skyfall (Tandem)- A high altitude Jump with 30 sec of freefall followed by 15 mins of parachuting time.
  2. Solo Jump Course- a course of 10 jumps were the last jump will be solo, a training of 5-7 days is required.
  3. License Course- Completing this course you will be certified by the USPA(United States Parachute Association), which requires completing 25 jumps, Ground School Training, Examination, and Recommendation from a USPA instructor.

Height – 3048m (10000 ft).

Price –

  1. Skyfall Tandem – Rs 35,000.
  2. Solo Jump Course – Rs 2,50,000.
  3. License Course – Rs 5,20,000.

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4. Waltair Escapade Thrills – Pondicherry – Tamil Nadu –

tandem skydiving
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Pondicherry is not only a popular destination for tourism but also famous for Sky diving, Waltair Escapade Thrills offers you both a Static jump as well as Tandem jump. The height in the Tandem jump will be around 10,000 ft and 4000ft in Static jump. The view is just amazing during evening time try to get the evening slot when you will book.

Height –

  1. Tandem Skyfall – 3048m(10000 ft)
  2. Static Jump – 1219m(4000 ft)

Price – 

  1. Tandem Skyfall – Rs27,000.
  2. Static Jump – Rs18,000.

Timing – 7.00AM – 9.00PM.


5. Dhana – Madhya Pradesh –

Dhana is a town in Sagar districts in Madhya Pradesh, this place has its airstrip were sky diving camps are held by the operators. The first Indian Sky diving was hosted in this town. This place is very popular among the Skydivers in India.

Height – 2743 – 3048 m (9000 – 10000 ft).

Price – 

Tandem Skyfall – 

  1. Monday to Friday – Rs 35,000.
  2. Saturday – Sunday – Rs 37,500.

Static Jump – Rs 24,000.


6. Hyderabad – Telangana-

Nagarjuna Sagar Airport is the place in Hyderabad where you get the opportunities for Skydiving. This is one of the best place in India for Tandem Jump, All the trainers and instructors are certified from USPA (United States Parachute Association).

Height – 2743 – 3048 m (9000 – 10000 ft).

Price – Rs 19500.


7. Deesa – Gujarat –

Image Source – 365 hops

It is the first official Sky Diving spot in India, Every year this place holds many Sky diving events and here you will get all the three kinds of Jump. In the Tandem jump, you will be trained by the trainers and the instructor will be there with you during the jump and you don’t have to do anything you can just enjoy the sky float in the sky.  In the Static Jump, the trainers will train you for a day and while you will be on the place your parachute will be in such a way as soon you jump within 3 to 4 sec your parachute will deploy. and you will enjoy the view flowing in the sky.

Height –

  1. Static line Jump – 1219m (4000 ft).
  2. Tandem Skyfall – 3048m (10000 ft).

Price – 

  1. Static line Jump – Rs 16500.
  2. Tandem Skyfall – Rs 33,500.
  3. Accelerated Free Fall – Rs 37,500. 


8. Skyhigh – Narnaul – Haryana –

Tandem Jump

This place offers you the thrilling experience of Sky diving at the Narnaul airstrip. This place is very famous for Skydiving as the Government of Haryana promotes this adventure sport in their State. The Instructors and the Trainers in Skyhigh are certified from USPA and they take care of the safety of their customers very seriously. People who love to experience the thrill should go for Sky diving in Narnaul.

Height – 2743 – 3048 m (9000 – 10000 ft).

Price – 

  1. Static Line Jumps – Rs 18,500.
  2. Tandem Jumps – Rs 23,500.
  3. Tandem Jumps – Rs 27,500(with video and Photographs).

Timing – 09.00 AM – 03.00 PM.


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