Triund is the most popular hill for trekking in Kangra district, with an elevation of 2,850m(9,350 ft ).from the crest of the hill Dhauladhar range can be seen. One can see the mighty Dhauladhar range just above the eyes. The campsite is an acclimatization point, and a base camp of the Indrahar pass in mt Dhauladhar. The trek is a bit rocky. The trek offers panoramic views of Bhagsu village, Mcleodganj, Dharmashala valley, and a distance view of Shivalik hills and plains of Kangra valley.

How to reach Triund?

BY BUS-                                                                                                                                                                                       

For reaching Mcleodganj you need to reach Dharamshala, you can take a bus from Delhi bus stand it take around 11-12 hrs and the ticket price varies between Rs800 to 1600 depending upon your bus service, after reaching Dharamshala you can book a cab and reach Mcleoadganj. You can start the trek from Mcleodganj, or you can take a taxi to reach Gallu Devi temple, the distance from Mcleodganj and Gallu Devi temple is 2.2 km.


This is the cheapest way to reach Mcleodganj is to go by train, you can take a train to Pathankot, and from there you can take a cab or can rent a shared jeep and reach Dharmashala it will take around 2.5hrs to 3hrs.


You can take a flight to (Gaggal airport or Kangra airport), from there you can take a cab to Mcleodganj. The distance between the airport and Mcleodganj is around 24kms and will take almost 50 mins of drive.


Trekking experience in Triund

the distance from Mcleoadganj to Triund is around 8.2 km, you can start the trek from Mcleoadganj or you can take a cab and reach the Gallu Devi temple, it is the starting point of the trek. There you will find a checkpoint where you have to register your identity card on the checkpoint, and any id card will work which has an address proof.

You will also have to register the plastic bottles or any plastic wrappers while returning you have to submit the plastic waste but you can carry your bottles,(if you can’t submit the plastic waste the fine for that is rs 2000). and alcohol is prohibited beyond the checkpoint.

Entry from the checkpoint is closed after 2 pm, and if you want to return on the same day the entrance is closed after 11 am

on the entry point, you will get some shop where you can rent a stick for rs 100.

the trek is a bit tiring but you will get many tea points and Maggi point on the way, for the first 5 km, it is a bit easy trek, but the last 1 km is a bit difficult and also known as 22 curves as it consists of 22 delicate curves till you reach the top. It will take around 5 hr approximately

The per-person accommodation in Triund is around Rs 500. the cost is a bit expensive on the hilltop for paid snacks. You will get two sharing or 4 sharing tent depending on your bookings. Also, there is a forest rest house, but for that, you have to book it in advance.

In the evening the view you will get will be amazing, and it is recommended to carry some warm clothes and a Windcheater.

As Triund is a trendy trekking spot you will experience a crowd that can be a little annoying sometimes, after sunset, you can enjoy the bonfire with your friends, the best way to enjoy the evening is to sit back and relax, the dinner is pretty good you will get non-veg or veg it depends on your bookings.

In the hilltop, it is recommended to wake up before sunrise and don’t miss the sunrise, set your camera to timelapse, and just wait for the sunrise, and it will be the best view of the trek.

On the Triund top, you will not find any kind of toilet or bathroom, so you have to make your arrangements. If you want to purchase toilet paper, it will cost you Rs 70. After your breakfast, you need to pack your bags and just trek down, which takes around 3.5 hrs to 4 hrs.

After you reach back to the Gallu Devi temple, you need to submit you stick if you have rented any and the plastic waste. And from there you can rent a cab to McLeodGanj, or you can walk it will take around 30 mins.


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