Thatharana Trek


Thatharana trek is an alternative trek of Triund which most people don’t know of yet. Thatharana is situated at an altitude of 2650m. It is around a 5kms trek, and from the campsite, you will enjoy the wonderful view of the Dhalaudhar range on one side and Dharmashala on the other side. If you are wishing to go for a trek where you want to experience the thrill Thathrana will be a better choice than Triund.


How to reach Thatharana


BY BUS-                                                                                                                                                                                       

For reaching Mcleodganj you need to reach Dharamshala, you can take a bus from the Delhi bus stand it take around 11-12 hrs and the ticket price varies between Rs800 to 1600 depending upon your bus service, after reaching Dharamshala you can book a cab and reach Khanyara village in Mcleodganj.


This is the cheapest way to reach Mcleodganj is to go by train, you can take a train to Pathankot and from there you can take a cab or can rent a shared jeep and reach Dharmashala it will take around 2.5hrs to 3hrs.


You can take a flight to (Gaggal airport or Kangra airport), from there you can take a cab to Mcleodganj. The distance between the airport and Mcleodganj is around 24kms and will take almost 50 mins of drive.



Trekking experience in Thatharana

Thatharana is in Dharamshala, it is an alternative trek of Triund, the trek starts from Khanyara village, if you are planning to go for a trek in thatharana you can stay near Khanyana village, you will find many OYO hotels near Khanyara village,

Book the package from any agency for trekking and camping in thatharana. it will cost you around 1800 per person it depends on the agency you are booking from. But you can bargain the price.

On the day of trekking, the trek will start from Khanyara village, the guide will contact you and he will lead you for the rest of the trek. from Khanyara village, you can purchase any kind of snacks or water bottles.

The trek is a bit easy for the first 1 km, then the difficulty level will increase. Thatharana is tougher and tiring than Triund. But if you want to experience the thrill, Thatharana is the better option than Triund.

Here are some recommendations it will make your trek more comfortable and easy.

  • Don’t carry extra luggage with you, take that much luggage which will be needed rest of the luggage you can keep in Khanyara village just ask the guide where to keep the luggage.
  • Carry a sufficient amount of water as the trek will take around 4 to 5 hrs. hydrate your body so that you don’t fall sick.
  • Take a good pair of trekking shoes or any sports shoe, which has a fat soul. don’t wear any kind of sneakers, as they have a flat sole and your feet will hurt a lot while and after the trek.
  • If by chance anyone of your group members takes a heavy bag and unable to trek, ask the guide for a porter he will arrange a porter for you and will charge an amount of Rs 200 and the porter will carry the luggage of that person.

The trek is a bit challenging for those who are not physically active, but it is not impossible but it will drain you out of your energy, and whenever you feel tired just tell the guide to stop and you can take some rest.

But the best way to trek is to trek slow but have consistency, don’t walk fast it will drain your energy and you will feel to take rest and that thing will make your speed slow and it will make you more tired. So it is better to walk slow for a longer period.

When you will reach the top of Thatharana you will get to see the wonderful Dhauladhar range on one side and the lovely view of Dharamshala on the other, the view of thatharana is better than triund, and thatharana most of the time you will not find any other groups with you, the solace the quietness and the tranquility of mountains the clean air of the if heaven exists on Earth it is over there. So people who don’t like a crowd and want to enjoy the camp with your mates go for Thatharana and on the top of the hill, the mobile signals you will get is the Vodaphone and that too rarely.

On the top the snacks what you will get is a bit costly, the price of a Maggi is around 60 and the tea cost around 20.

thatharana camp

The tent you will get depends on your total group members, generally, you will get is double sharing or triple sharing, along with that you will also get sleeping bags.

After the tent gets ready you can just order for a cup of tea and just enjoy the lovely sunset, after the sunset, the guide will set up a bonfire for you, and you can just relax and have a good time with your mates.

The view of Dharmashala from Thatharana at night is just amazing, if you love photography then carry a tripod with you, you will get wonderful pictures.

Whenever you get inside the tent or you come out from the tent don’t forget to close the zip of the tent because due to the dense cloud everything inside including your sleeping bag will get wet and will feel very uncomfortable while sleeping.

thatharana camp

The early morning of thatharana is just outstanding, don’t miss the sunrise of thatharana it will make your trip worth, put the camera on timelapse sit with your mates have a cup of tea, and just enjoy the sun coming out from the mountains and that golden glow over the side of snow-capped peaks, it looks amazing when the first ray of sunlight hits thatharana. 

After breakfast, you need to pack your bags trek back to Khanyara, it will take around 2 to 3 hrs. While returning you will not feel much tired, But then don’t hurry while returning because the rocks at some places have algae on the top and there is a major chance to fall, and there are some vital ridges where you should be alert.

After reaching back to Khanyara you can stay at nearby hotels in Khanyara or you take a cab from there.


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