Mussoorie and Dhaunalti from Dehradun.

If you are a college student, then sometimes you feel like going for an adventurous bike trip, but due to budget issues, students have to cancel their plans. So here are 5 best bike trips which are low budgets and very adventurous.

1. Dehradun – Mussoorie – Dhaunalti – Rishikesh- Dehradun

This is one of the best bike trips for college students as this trip can be afforded easily. The total distance of this trip is almost 240 km which is not that easy to ride when as compared to plain land, and this is 2 night 3 days trip. And it will be the most adventurous trips for college students. As trip contains Bike riding for 240 km, in the mountain terrain with chilling weather and for getting rid of the tiring rides relaxing on the riverside of Ganga and for another breathtaking adventure there is the River rafting, this trip is for those who love adventure and want to experience it.

Bike rental

From Dehradun, you need to rent your bikes, bike cost around Rs 800 to Rs1200 per day depending upon the bikes you want. cost of apache 180 is Rs 800 per day, Royal Enfield classic and avenger costs you around Rs 1000 and duke 200 is around Rs 1200. this is the four bike you will get available in any of the bike rental shops in Dehradun, You can choose any bike which suits to your budgets. for renting bikes you need to have your driving license and any other id proof. It is suggested that keep your group in even numbers, because if there is an odd number of people in your group then one person has to ride the bike alone and also it will cost you more. And if you in even numbers you will ditch the rent with your pillion. So in renting bikes for 2 whole days it will cost you Rs 1000 per person if you share with your pillion.

Trip guide-

on the first day, the ride will be from Dehradun to Mussoorie which is 34 km but there are plenty of side scenes which will take time to visit.

pick up the bikes from the rental point as early as you can so you have the entire day in your hands to explore,

Things you need to see from Dehradun to Mussoorie bike ride

  2. ROBBERS CAVE (Dehradun)
  3. Bhatta falls (Mussoorie)
  4. Gun hill point (Mussoorie)
  5. Lal Tibba (Mussoorie)
  6. Mall road (Mussoorie)

At first visit the FRI and Robbers Cave this is the two-place that any college student will love to visit. after visiting these two wonderful places in Dehradun, ride towards Mussoorie the road is very good with some zigzag curves, don’t do overspeeding just go slow and enjoy the view there are some places in midpoint where you can click amazing pics the view from those places are just awesome. in the way, you will find your next stop that is Bhatta falls, after leaving from Bhatta falls you will cover gun hill point, while you leave from gun hill point it will be dawn, and then your final destination is mall road where you will book your hotels you can get hotels at an average price, book the hotel for one night, in the evening you can explore mall road by walking.

next day, early in the morning pack your bags and visit Lal Tibba, it is very close to mall road from there you can see the  Himalayan range, you can have your breakfast there, after that you ride to kempty falls, take a small halt in kempty falls and enjoy the beauty of the lovely waterfall. Then the next destination will be Dhaunalti a double lane road and there are many curves turn, the distance from Kempty falls to Dhanaulti is 74 km it will take around 3 hrs to cover this distance, there are some lovely viewpoints on the way where you can get amazing pictures while riding towards Dhanaulti. If you are going for the trip in Feb march or October and November then while riding towards Dhanualti will freeze you the temperature will go down to 3 to 4 degrees, but that’s the fun to ride with your friends at that low temperature especially the view is just incredible. After reaching Dhanunati, you will be visiting the eco-park, the view from the top of the park is incredible take the halt there for some time then move towards Rishikesh, from Dhanualti to Rishikesh is around 70 km, and it will take around 3 to 3.5 hrs. This road is a chilling road and you will find it empty most of the time and on one side of the road you have the mountain and on the other side, you will see the edge of the mountain,

After reaching Rishikesh, check-in the hotel you have booked, try to get the hotel near Lakshman Jhula, while reaching Rishikesh it will be around 6 pm in the evening, after getting freshen up, ask the local people or search in google map for a cafe called buddha cafe, once you go there any college student will love the ambiance of that cafe and you can interact with foreigners and the view is just crazy featuring the Ganga river and the Lakshman Jhula looks stunning and after that go to ghat of Ganga, after a full day of the tiring bike ride for around 140 km you will love the place the cool wind of river Ganga the view of Lakshman Jhula and in the ghat, many young people gather every day and they play various musical instruments this is that kind of place you need to experience it.

If you are are in Rishikesh you should not miss the adventure on the next day you can go for River rafting which is very famous in Rishikesh, near Lakshman Jhula you will get many shops from where you can book for a slot for river rafting, it will take around 3 to 4 hrs maximum, around 1 to 2 om on the next day you will be finishing your rafting and within 2 or 3 pm in the noon leave for Dehradun the distance from Rishikesh to Dehradun is 49 km and it will take around 2.5 hrs so within 5.30 or 6 pm you can submit back the bikes which you have rented for two days. Book the train ticket previously on the same date when you will be ending your bike ride so from Dehradun you can just have to reach the station and wait for your train.


Taking the no of group members = 6

Need 3 bikes—average bike rental cost = 1000 — for 2 days— = Rs 6000 on all 3 bikes

Total traveling distance = 244 km — fuel need 8.5 liters —= Rs 560  per bike —=Rs 1680 for 3 bikes on petrol

Hotels for two nights = Rs 1200 per night— Rs 2400 for two nights(on triple sharing room )

Fooding—–Rs 400 per day per person—Rs 2400 per day

River rafting Rs 1000 per person—Rs 6000 for 6 person

Total expense= Rs 20,480 for 6 person 

Rs 3,413 for one person excluding train fare and extra expense.

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