How to prepare your Bike for the Tawang trip

For a bike trip to Tawang you need to prepare your bike in advance. It is very much necessary to get your bike serviced and check every small thing whether it is fixed or not. It always the small issue that becomes the most annoying thing on the trip.

So repair and service your motorcycle thoroughly, Because when you are out for a bike trip your bike will be your best friend and anything major happens with your bike will get you in big trouble. your bike should be properly ready in this following article there is a list of every important thing you need to check before leaving for the Tawang trip.

Which motorcycle you should choose for Tawang Bike trip –

To answer this question I just want you to know that a boy from Kerala went on a solo trip in Ladakh with his 110 cc scooty. So it doesn’t matter which bike you have you can still go for the Tawang trip, It just that you should have the potential to go for the long trip.

People sometimes excitedly plan a long bike trip but after 1st or 2nd days of the ride, they can’t continue as they are not used to for long bike trips.

But if you have the option to choose your bike then you should definately go for a better bike because the more you are comfortable in riding your bike the more you can travel and explore the place.

According to me, my 1st preference will be Dominor 400, Apache 200, Pular 220, and KTM 390 adventure. And my 2nd preference will be Royal Enfield classic 350 or 500 and Himalayan.

Now you will think about why I choose Enfield as my 2nd priority as these bikes are known for long trips. But my answer to this question will be the reason I keep these bikes on my 2nd preference because or their tube tyre.

Because while you are riding your bike with heavy loads tied behind your bike and the one thing you will never want to face is a tyre puncture in the middle of nowhere.

This is the only problem which I experienced myself and It really take a lot of time to fix a puncture. Apart from this problem, there is no issue with royal enfields.

But if you can change your tube tyres with tubeless tyres then it will help you a lot in the trip.

In tubeless tyres in a puncture happens you can fix it in a min or if you have not carried any puncture kit then at least you can travel to the nearest bike point where you can fix it.

Bike preparation for trip

Learn minor repairs –

when you are going for a long bike ride you should know how to repair your bike’s minor faults like

  • Adjusting Brake.
  • Changing headlights.
  • Fixing punctures.
  • Tuning your bike’s carburetor.
  • some electrical faults like horn, lights, self-start, etc.

Service your bike before going for Tawang bike trip –

The first thing you should do for the Tawang bike trip is to get your motorcycle serviced thoroughly by an experienced mechanic. Get all faults fixed and if it doesn’t get fixed replace it.

check the condition of the engine and pour a good quality of engine oil, a good quality engine oil will take care of your engine during the trip. I personally prefer the engine oil of Motul.

After getting a full servicing check the conditions of the tyres. If the tyres are not in good condition then just replace those. This will fully prepare your bike for the Tawang trip.

After getting your bike is ready then ride it in your city for some days and check whether there are any kinds of issues you are facing.

If yes fixed it and if not then you have to check your documents now when you are doing a bike ride just dont forget to update your bike’s paper which are

  • Insurance of your bike.
  • RC book.
  • Pollution.
  • Authorization certificate if the owner of the bike is your father or your friend.
  • Driving License.

Bike’s parts you should check before you leave for Tawang Bike ride –

The most Important thing in your Trip to Tawang is your bike and so you need to check some important parts of your bike whether the parts has any problem or not –

Block Piston –

Check the condition of your block piston if your bike has run more then 50,000 km then you might need to change the Block piston but its depends an expert mechanic can tell you after checking your bike whether it need a new block piston or not.

Clutch Plate –

It is a very important to check whether the clutch plate of your bike is in good condition or not. If have a burnt clutch plate you need to replace it with a new one. And if your bike is 200 cc or below 200 cc it is better to change your clutch plate in your servicing.

Check Carburetor or Fuel injection –

If your bike has Carburetor then check if there is any major issue within you bike’s carburetor, and learn to tune it by yourself because it will help you a lot while riding if any you face with the tuning of the bike during the ride. you can tune it by yourself.

And if your bike has fuel injection system, then get it check by an expert whether there is any problem.

Engine oil –

Get a full synthetic engine oil for your bike if your bike support full synthetic. I recommend to pour engine oil from Motul.

and also change your oil filter it is very much necessary.

Chain set and Wheel alignment –

It is very important for your safe ride that your bike’s wheel alignment is right or your bike will toil while you take turns and it may get you into trouble, so set the wheel alignment properly.

and if your chain sprocket is not in good condition change it. The chain sprocket is that part if you don’t solve that issue in advance your whole trip will ruin as your chain will sound a lot, and your chain will slip from the sprocket a lot of times.

Suspensions –

A trip to Tawang also means a lot of luggage and the bad road during the journey. Which is the reason your bike should have a good suspension.

Check both front and the back suspension checked and if required, replace them. Also, check the suspension bush it is one of the thing that many people forgot to check.

Tyres –

If you have a new pair or tyres or have run around 10000 km then you don’t need to change the tyres just check whether there is any kind of nails or any puncture and there is any fixed it.

But if you have tube tyres then it is recommended to change it with tubeless for that you need to change the rims(recommended only if you have enough budget).

And if the tyres are old then a new pairs of tyres is required.

Cables –

Cables are this kind of part that doesn’t have any surety of their life. In cables, you have to take care of clutch cable, the accelerator cable, and brake cables.

Not only you don’t have to check whether they are in good condition or not but also know how to change the cables on your own.

And also buy a extra cable and keep it with you during the trip.

Brakes –

Now, this is another important part that you need to look, check the brake pads of your bike if required to replace do it.

Because if you have a bike like Rs 200 or duke 390 the chance of getting brake pads in Tawang is a bit difficult. So check the brake pads and the brake fluid and the ABS system (if have).

Electricals –

Electrical faults can happen in any bikes so get a thorough check by an expert and also check the condition of the battery. Check all the wires and the ports and make sure that everything is ok.

Also have a look on the headlamp, indicators, break lights and the most important thing which is the self start motor, make sure that all the electrical parts and the wires works properly.

Quick check –

After getting your full serviced bike just have a quick check on the following things whether these are in proper form –

  • Nuts & bolts.
  • Working of the fuel gauge and the odometer.
  • Check the brakes.
  • Lubrication of the chain.
  • Ball bearings of the wheels.
  • Handle racer.
  • Tuning of the bike.
  • Clutch adjustment.
  • Handle lock.

If you take care of all of these then your bike is all set to go for a long ride.

But don’t forget to give a quick check of your bike as sometimes we miss some minor issues which later on the trip turn into major problems.

Learn puncture repair kit –

In long bike rides especially to the mountain area you need to carry puncture repair kit and a tyre inflator.

Going on a bike trip then you must know how to fix your puncture tyre on your own. In long bike rides, you may face this problem where you are on an empty road and your tyre puncture at that moment you will not get local support or any kind of help.

So its better to learn the skill of fixing your bikes puncture. It your bike has tubeless tyre then it becomes very much easy for you, just try to locate the puncture point and the use the puncture repairing kit which you have to carry and then use the tyre inflator. your bike will be good to go.

But if your bike doesn’t have tubeless tyres then you need a proper tool kit and and the puncture kit to fix the problem.

Bike trip to tawang

Things you should carry spare.

The biggest problem in the mountains is to get spare parts of bike if you have a pulsar 180 or apache then you may get basic spare parts but if you have a high cc bike then it may get very difficult to get a part.

So here is a list you should definately carry if you are going to tawang –

  • A spare bike’s key.
  • Tyre inflator.
  • Puncture kit.
  • Toolbox.
  • Range tool.
  • Chain spray.
  • Radiator Coolant.
  • Cables (Clutch, Brake, and accelerator).
  • Bungee cables and ropes.
  • Petrol pipe. (If necessary you can take some extra petrol from another bike or car).

Should you need panniers and top box?

my answer to this question is, it depends on the budget if someone wants to ride with panniers then obviously he should go for that it is very convenient but for budget bike trip panniers are not that much important if you know how to tie your luggage with the bike then it is not a big problem.

How to carry luggage on your bike?

Carrying luggage on a bike for a long trip becomes easy if you know some basic rules which is the two bags which will be at both sides of the bike should have similar weight and the bag which will be on your pillion seat should be on the middle and the weight should evenly distribute.

After placing the bags then comes the main part which is tying it with Ropes it becomes a bit difficult to tie and untie every day.

It is recommended to use a plastic or tarpaulin sheet to cover the bags then tie the rope, this will save the bags from dirt.

Always carry nylon rope and also with that carry some bungee or elastic rope, nylon rope has the strength to hold your bags in a fixed place.

Riding Gears –

Riding gears is everyone’s personal choice, again if you have the budget then go for riding gears but I will say at least have a good helmet and knee-elbow guard, if you have the budget then go for a riding jacket.

Should you need to carry petrol Jerry can for Tawang bike trip?

You don’t have to carry Jerry cans of petrol for the Tawang bike trip you will get a few petrol stations in between your two points. And if still, you want to carry petrol for your safety then take the petrol on a metal Jerry can don’t use plastic Jerry can.

Prepare your Bike for the Tawang trip – Conclusion

In this article, you will get everything about “How to prepare your Bike for the Tawang trip”, so just follow these things and you will not face any kind of problem on your trip. And if there is anything you think that I should add to this article just comment down below. I will make the necessary changes.

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