Bungee Jumping in India.

1. Jumping Heights in Rishikesh-

Bungee jumping

Jumping Heights is located at Mohan Chatti in Rishikesh. It is the highest Bungee Jumping spot in India, and it is said to be the best location for Bungee Jumping, the spot is on a top of a stream so while jumping you will see the stream the hills around you and on the stones on the ground makes the jump scarier. It the best spot where you can get the rush in your blood. But this place is quite costly it is around Rs 3500 per person but it is worth to pay the price for this Jump. The safety measures in Jumping Height are taken care of very seriously by their staff.

Height – 83m (272 ft).

Cost – Rs 3500.

Minimum Age – 18 years.

2. Wanderlust Xtreme Adventures in Delhi –

bungee jumping in wanderlust xtreme adventures

Wanderlust in Delhi is the second-best place for Bungee jumping in our list, as after Jumping Heights in Rishikesh this place offers you the 2nd best height for Bungee Jumping. The height of the platform 52m(170 ft), and it ensures the best safety measures. The cost of this Bunjee Jump is Rs 3000 per head, and the minimum age criteria is 14 years old.

Height – 52m(170 ft).

Cost – Rs 3000.

Minimum age – 14 years.

3. Della Adventures in Lonavala-

Della adventures in bungee jumping
Image Source – Cityshor.

Della Adventures is an adventure park where you can go for Bungee Jumping, It is one of the biggest Adventure park in India. and it offers you the 2nd biggest bungee jumping spot in India, the height of the platform from where you will jump is 45m (147ft). And it is also pocket friendly it cost you around Rs1500, and the minimum age criteria is 12.

Height – 45m (147 ft).

Cost – Rs 1500.

Minimum age – 12 years.

4. Ozone Adventures in Bangalore-

ozone Adventures

Ozone Adventures is one of the famous place for Bunjee Jumping as there is no such fixed platform from where you will jump, there is a platform suspended from a crane of height 130 ft, Which makes the jump scarier and exciting. People who are between 18 to 60 can enjoy the Jump and get the adrenaline rush in them.

Height –  25 m platform, suspended from a 40 m high crane.

Cost – Rs 400. 

Minimum age – 18 years.

5. Gravity Adventure Zone in Goa-

bungee jumping in goa
Image source – Gravity Water Sport.

This spot is located on Arjuna beach in Goa, Bungee Jumping on Arjuna beach is very famous. The height of the platform is 25m so it is the best height for first-timers. It cost you Rs 500 per person, and the age has to be 14 years.

Height – 25m (82 ft).

Cost – Rs 500.

Minimum age – 14 years.

6. Jagdalpur in Chattisghar-

bungee jumping in chattisghar

Jagdalpur in Chattisghar is another place in India that offers to try Bungee Jumping, apart from Bungee Jumping this place offers you many other adventure sport. The cost of this Bunjee Jump is Rs 300 which is very cheap as compared to other spots of Bungee Jumping and the height is 30m (98 ft). If you are traveling to Chattisghar you should try this.

Height – 30m (98 ft).

Cost – Rs 300.

Minimum Age – 14 years.

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